SURF+ Rewards

Surf+ Rewards is our way of saying thank you for your loyalty and giving you awesome rewards for every data you use

Surf. Earn Points. Repeat.

Happier Birthdays

Celebrate your birthday with a treat from Surfline. Enjoy bonus data with a complementary birthday wish calls from Surfline.

Use & Enjoy Bonus Rewards

Earn points on every data usage. Redeem free data and other services with points earned.

Exclusive Rewards

Exclusive offers including spa and grooming treats, fuel discounts, shopping vouchers from our Partners.

Super Sweet Rewards you'll really, really love.

Get rewarded for your usage. As you keep browsing you accumulate points that earn you amazing products and services from our partners under our Partner Rewards.
Get pampered with a spa treat
Fridays are for Pizza
Free weekend getaways
Treat your sweet tooth
Enjoy free rides

Earn SurfBytes with every Megabyte

You’ll earn SurfBytes (points) every time you browse. 1GB = 20 SurfBytes. These SurfBytes determine your status. Get more SurfBytes to change your status and have access to the many amazing and exclusive rewards from our partners

Preferred Club

Preferred Club

0 - 200 SurfBytes per month

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Executive Club

Executive Club

201- 800 SurfBytes per month

see all Rewards

Elite Club

Elite Club

801 - 2000 SurfBytes per month

see all Rewards

Royal Club

Exclusive Club

2000+ SurfBytes per month

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How it works in 3 simple steps


Use your Data to
Stay Active

Existing customers who have been active over 90 days are automatically enrolled into the program.

New customers must remain active for 90 days to get enrolled into the program.

The more active you are, and the longer you stay, the more points you get.


Earn Points &
Move Higher

You’ll earn points whenever you use your Surfline data. Your accumulated point determine your status.

The more data you use the more points you accumulate and move up in status.


Enjoy Meaningful

As you make your way up the status levels, you unlock more rewards for yourself.

Our partner rewards get more and more interesting the higher you climb up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Surf + Rewards?

Answer:  Surfline’s loyalty program which will recognize and reward its loyal customers with great rewards.

2. Can both old and new customers participate in the Surf + Rewards?

Answer: Surf + Rewards is available to all 90 days and above active customers in all service classes except those in business corporate service class.

3. How do I register for the Surf + Rewards and at what fee?

Answer: All eligible customers are automatically enrolled onto the program at no fee.

4. How can one start earning points?

Answer: Points are only earned through the usage of customer’s main data.

5. Can I earn points from using my promotional data?

Answer: No. promotional, bonus and gift data usage does not earn points.  

6. Will one earn points for using any of the unlimited plans?

Answer: Yes. Customers will earn points from the use of the daily and monthly threshold allocations but points will not be earned from the usage on the throttled speed.

7. What is the points equivalent to be earned for data used?

Answer: 1GB is equivalent to 20 usage points

8. Will my points add up if I have multiple Surfline numbers?

Answer: Points will be earned against unique numbers (MSISDN), customers with multiple numbers will earn points for individual usage.

9. Can I transfer my usage points?

Answer: No. Usage points earned cannot be transferred either in whole or parts.

10. How long can I accumulate my usage points?

Answer: Customers can accumulate their usage points fora period of 3 months after which it’s cleared for a fresh start.

11. What are the various segments and the corresponding rewards?


Loyalty statuses for each customer segment

12. Who is eligible for the 2GB birthday bonus and what’s the validity?

Answer: All customers who qualify for the Surf +Rewards are eligible for the 2GB birthday bonus and it’s valid for a day.

13. What is the Birthday call about?

Answer: Customers who by virtue of their points amassed are in the Elite and Royal clubs will get a birthday call from Surfline on their birthday anniversary.

14. How can one earn the usage bonus and what’s the validity?

Answer: Customers in the various segments will automatically be credited with the respective usage bonus on attaining the corresponding usage points in a month. The usage bonus point is valid for 7 days.

15. What are the respective monthly points to earn the usage bonus?


Preferred Club => 100 points

Executive Club => 500 points

Elite Club          => 1800 points

Royal Club        => 2500 points

16. How do I qualify to win the Partner offers?

Answer: Customers who are part of the top users of each segments will be rewarded with partner products.

17.       Who are the partners involved in the Surf + Rewards?

Answer: The partners list keeps growing and notable amongst them are X Men Grooming, Niobe Spa, Pink berry, Body Basics Gym etc.

Terms & Conditions



1.1   Introduction

Surf + Rewards is an end to end loyalty program which rewards customers on their birthday anniversaries and further more to turn bundle usage into a loyalty building block. With these blocks in place, customers will benefit from great rewards.

1.2   Eligibility

  • Customers should be 3 months and above active on Surfline network to be eligible to participate in the Surf + Rewards.
  • Customers on the Individual, New prepaid and AlwaysOn service classes qualify to partake in Surf Rewards.
  • Business Corporate service class customers are exempted from Surf + Rewards.

1.3   Registration & Cost

  • Surf + Rewards is a free loyalty program open to all eligible customers. Membership registration is not required neither is there membership fee nor service charges.

1.4   Earning Points

  • Surf + Rewards points can only be earned through main data usage.
  • Bonus,promotional, gift data as well as throttled speed usage does not attract points.
  • 20 points will be earned for every 1GB used from the main data.
  • Points will be earned against unique MSISDN. This means a customer with multiple devices will earn points for individual usage.
  • Points earned are not transferable in whole or in parts neither can it be exchanged for cash equivalent.

Clubs and corresponding reward table

List of clubs and their corresponding rewards

1.5   Points Expiry

Points will accumulate for a period of 3 months and based on the amassed points, customers will be rewarded with various products. All points will be cleared after the 3 months for a fresh start.

1.6 Rewards

(i) Birthday Bonus

All customers eligible for Surf Rewards will be given 2GB valid for 24 hours to mark their respective birthday anniversaries.

(ii) Birthday Calls

Customers in Elite and Royal clubs will receive birthday calls in additional to the data bonus to commemorate their birthday anniversaries.

(iii) Usage Bonus

Customers in all four tiers will enjoy usage bonus on reaching the usage threshold for their respective tiers in a month. Below are the required points and corresponding bonus for the respective clubs;

Preferred Club => 100 points => 1GB

Executive Club => 500 points => 2GB

Elite Club          => 1800 points => 3.5GB

Royal Club        => 2500 points => 5GB

  • The usage bonus will be valid for 7 days and can be enjoyed multiple times within a month provided customer attain multiple qualifying points within the same month.
  • Usage from AlwaysOn daily allocations, unlimited bundle, unlimited night, throttled speed, Weekend Vibez does not qualify for usage bonus.

(iv) Partner Rewards

Top users from each club based on the usage points amassed over the three (3) months period will be rewarded with partner products/services.

1.7 Rights & Liabilities

  • Surfline reserves the rights to use the images of rewarded customers in publication on any of our media platforms.
  • Surfline shall not be liable for the breach of these terms and conditions as a result of technical challenges relating to the network or it be liable in any manner for the customer’s use of the partner’s products/services.
  • Terms and conditions governing all other Surfline products and services remain same.

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