SURF+ Rewards

Say hello to the loyalty program that rewards you with your favorite things all for free. Why? Because we value you.

Surf. Earn Points. Repeat.

Happier Birthdays

Celebrate your birthday with a treat from Surfline. Enjoy bonus data with a complementary birthday wish calls from Surfline.

Use & Enjoy Bonus Rewards

Earn points on every data usage. Redeem free data and other services with points earned.

Exclusive Rewards

Exclusive offers including spa and grooming treats, fuel discounts, shopping vouchers from our Partners.

Super Sweet Rewards you really, really want.

Get rewarded for your usage. As you keep browsing you accumulate points that earn you amazing products and services from our partners under our Partner Rewards.
Get pampered with a spa treat
Fridays are for Pizza
Tickets to your fav movies
Free weekend getaways
Treat your sweet tooth
Enjoy free rides

Earn SurfBytes with every Megabyte

You’ll earn SurfBytes (points) every time you browse. 1GB = 20 SurfBytes. These SurfBytes determine your status. There are exclusive rewards depending on the status you belong to. Get more SurfBytes to change your status

Chairman's Preferred Club

Preferred Club

0 - 119 SurfBytes per month
Birthday Treat
Usage Bonus

Preferred Rewards

Chairman's Executive Club

Executive Club

120 - 600 SurfBytes per month
Birthday Treat
Usage Bonus

Executive Rewards

Chairman's Elite Club

Elite Club

601 - 2000 SurfBytes per month
Birthday Treat
Usage Bonus

Elite Rewards

Chairman's Exclusive Club

Exclusive Club

2000+ SurfBytes per month
Birthday Treat
Usage Bonus

Exclusive Rewards

How it works in 3 simple steps


Stay Active

Existing customers who have been active over 90 days are automatically enrolled into the program.

New customers must remain active for 90 days to get enrolled into the program


Earn Points to Enjoy Rewards

You’ll earn points whenever you use your Surfline data.

The points you earn each month are added together to determine your status next month.


Keep Building

You can reach a higher status by using more data and increasing your total monthly points.

If you earn enough points to reach a higher status before the end of the month, your will be automatically upgraded.

This will help you unlock more rewards partner rewards.

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