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Y3n Ky3
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Share your data bundle with family and friends any day, any time. Y3n Ky3 allows you to send 1GB or more of your current data balance to any Surfline number of your choice.

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1. How does Surfline’s Y3n ky3 work?

Answer:  Surfline’s Y3n ky3 which means to share in Twi (a Ghanaian local dialect) is a value added service that enables customers to transfer a portion of their main data allowance to other subscribers at no charge to both the sender and the recipient.

2. Is the service available to all Surfline customers?

Answer:  Surfline’s Y3n ky3 service is ONLY available to Surfline consumer customers. The service is NOT available to customers with business subscriptions.

3. Can I gift data from my bonus and/or other accounts?

Answer:  No. You cannot gift data from your bonus account or any other account types. You can only gift data from your main data bucket.

4. Am I restricted to send gift data to one person only?

Answer:  No. You can gift your data to multiple people (recipients).

5. How many times can I send and receive gift data?

Answer: You can perform a total of 5 Gift transactions every 30 days for both sending and receiving.

6. How can I differentiate data received as gift from data I purchased?

Answer:  All gift data is accumulated into the gift data bucket which is separate and different from your main data bucket.

7. What is the minimum amount of data I can send or receive?

Answer:  The minimum amount of data per gift transaction is 1000MB (1GB).

8. What is the validity of the received gift data?

Answer:  The data received by the recipient will have 15 days validity from day of reception.

9. Which one gets charged first – my main0 data or received gifted data?

Answer:  All gift data will be accumulated into the gift data bucket and will be used up first before any other applicable data bundle. Upon expiry of the 15 days validity period or depletion of the gift bundle, you will then be charged from your main data bundle.

10. Can I transfer data from my gift data bucket?

Answer:  No.  Gift data is not transferable, that is, received gift data cannot be sent to another person.

11. Can I transfer data anytime I want?

Answer:  You can perform any or all gift transactions ONLY within the first fifteen (15) days of the purchase bundle.

12. How do I send gift data to family and friends?

Answer:  Customers can gift the data via USSD. You will be authenticated with a One-Time Password (OTP) to the registered contact numbers before data is sent.

13. How would I know if the data I sent was received?

Answer:  On failure or successful delivery of the gift data, both the sender and receiver would be automatically notified of a failed or successful transaction via SMS.

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Visit a Surfline shop near you to activate a bundle

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