What to Do if you Lost your Android Phone

May 2, 2018
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Let's face it, losing your phone can be one hell of experience that could ruin the day’s activities. It feels as if you’ve been disconnected from the rest of the world. You can’t connect with family and friends, you are lost on the latest news in your WhatsApp group chat, you can’t check what is happening online with your phone simply because you can’t trace where you placed it last night, you left it in a taxi or the phone is simply stolen. The experience of misplacing your phone is enough to drain you from the day’s activities. But if you are using an android phone or tablet, then don’t fret, we have good news for you. Find My Device feature on Android can help you locate your phone, block it from being used by an unauthorized person or even wipe out your personal information stored on the phone completely. 

To get you started, you will have to create google account and add it on your device. This will automatically turn on Find My Device feature for you. Locating your device on a map will require you to turn on location on your device. To do this, go to Settings on your device, select Location and turn ON.

How to use Find My Device

Now you can’t find your Android phone or tablet. What next? Here is the good news. You can trigger the Find My Device feature to locate your device, block access to its usage or clear all personal information stored on it. You can remotely perform these activities. Here is how;

Log on to www.android.com/find. This will request you to log in with your google account. After logging in, select the lost device from the top left corner of your screen.

Now that you have selected your device, you can decide to remotely play a sound, lock the device or erase all content from the device.

Selecting ‘Play Sound’ option will trigger your device to ring continuously for 5 minutes even if device is set to silent. This is very useful if your phone dropped somewhere in your room or in the office where you can easily find it. A continues ring will draw you to where to locate it.

To lock your phone, select your phone type and then click on the ‘LOCK’ option. The lock feature also gives you the option to display a message on your phone or provide a phone number on the locked screen. This is very useful in assisting anyone who finds your phone to easily contact you.

As a final resort, if you are certain you are not likely to locate your Android phone or tablet, Find My Device feature for Android devices gives you the option to completely clear all your stored info on the device. To do this, select your phone type from Find My Device website and click on ‘ERASE’. This will remotely erase all content on your device. If the device is offline, erasing will begin when it comes online.

That’s it! We hope you don’t lose your device but if the unfortunate happens, using the Find My Device feature for Android will be of great help in locating your device, preventing unauthorized use and protecting your info stored on the device.

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