Using Surfline SIM in Your 4G Enabled Mobile Device: All You Need to Know

February 23, 2018
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So you’ve been wondering whether or not Surfline SIM card would work in your mobile device. You desire to enjoy the limitless possibilities of Surfline 4G LTE network using your mobile phone but don’t know how.

Well, the good news is you can use Surfline SIM card in your mobile device to connect to the rest of the world and to the hearts of those you care about! With a Surfline SIM card and a 4G enabled mobile device, you could be part of the Surfline family. You will need a mobile device that is compatible to the Surfline 4G LTE network to get started. So if you are planning to use a Surfline SIM card in your mobile device or planning to buy a new mobile device to use on Surfline, these specifications are worth considering. 

So what features actually matter when it comes to mobile device compatibility with Surfline network? Here, we take you through a breakdown of the main specs of a compatible mobile device and what you need to know before you purchase a Surfline SIM card for your mobile phone.

Network Band and Frequency

There are various LTE bands globally which is as a result of varied allocation of LTE spectrum around the world. Having a 4G LTE device alone is not a guarantee of your device working on a particular LTE network. The band of your mobile device should be compatible to that of the network for it to work on the intended network.

Surfline operates on LTE Band 7 and to be able to use Surfline SIM card in your mobile device, checking the band compatibility is one feature you should pay attention to. Put differently, you should have a band 7 compatible 4G LTE enabled device for the Surfline SIM card to effectively function in it.

Closely related to the band is the frequency of your mobile device. Just as the band, the frequency of your mobile device should be compatible with your network operator to be able to successfully connect without any difficulty.

There are various frequencies on which networks operate. Surfline operates of a frequency of 2600MHz. This means that a mobile device compatible with a network frequency of 2600MHz as Surfline should be able to connect to the network when Surfline SIM card is inserted into that device.

How to check your mobile device compatibility with Surfline network

Now you know your mobile device should be 4G LTE enabled, support network Band 7 and a Frequency of 2600MHz to be able to successfully take a Surfline SIM card.

But how do you check to confirm whether your smartphone conforms to the network requirement?

You can head straight to GSMArena to check your mobile device specification. On GSMArena, enter the exact mobile phone model you intend to use with a Surfline SIM card and confirm its compatibility with 4G LTE Band 7 and a Frequency of 2600MHz as shown below.

From the instance above, SAMSUNG Galaxy A5 was checked on GSMArena and it shows its compatibility on LTE technology operates on various 4G bands including Band 7 with a Frequency of 2600MHz.

You may also check specifications of your device from the manufacturer’s page as shown below for Samsung Galaxy S7 Duos SM – G930FD

Now your phone is compatible with Surfline 4G LTE network. What next?

You’ve successfully confirmed your mobile phone’s compatibility with Surfline 4G LTE network and what you need now is Surfline SIM card to be able to get connected. To do this, walk into any Surfline service center with a valid ID card and your mobile device. Our dedicated team will conduct further compatibility test on your phone and advise accordingly.

Can Surfline SIM make voice calls?

Surfline is a data service provider hence you will not be able to make the ‘traditional’ voice calls with your Surfline SIM card. However, Surfline’s 4G LTE network supports voice calls via applications such as WhatsApp voice, Apple Facetime, Skype voice, Google Duo, Facebook messenger, JusTalk among others.

Sample of mobile devices that work on Surfline

These sample devices have been tested and confirmed to be compatible with Surfline 4G LTE network;

Samsung Galaxy S7 Duos SM – G930FD, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SM – 920C, Huawei G8, SAMSUNG Galaxy A5, TECNO J8, INFINIX NOTE 3 and most compatible devices that support Band 7 (2600MHz).

My mobile phone is not compatible, can I still use Surfline?

Yes! You can still use Surfline network even if your mobile device is not compatible. All you will need is a Surfline portable Mifi or Wireless Router. This enables you to connect wirelessly to the Surfline network using your mobile device.

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