Top 5 reasons why renting a Surfline 4G internet device is a better option this Year of Return

December 23, 2019
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This festive season, more than half a million people will visit Ghana for the Year of Return. This also means finding an internet provider that can give you continuous connectivity on your mobile without replacing your existing SIM card. Surfline’s rent a 4G LTE device keeps you connected on 10 other devices. But why rent a 4G LTE device from Surfline instead of owning one this season?  


For a short stay, owning a device with unlimited data that will cost $115 isn’t advisable. Getting a data plan that meets your exact need during the holiday period makes your holiday experience a better one. Also, exorbitant data roaming charges shouldn’t be an option with our rent a device service. You can choose between a 15 day package and a 30 day package for $50 and $75 respectfully. A better deal than buying


Many times, your mobile signals are not stable because of its voice and data capabilities leading to a slow browsing experience. However, with the MiFi device from Surfline, you can experience a much faster 4G LTE browsing experience. Due to the high volume of YouTube and other online streaming websites, you will need a fast connection that allows you to spend your online time the way you want. By not just providing MiFi device,but by offering a fast, dependable 4G LTE speed.

Ease of Use

You can carry your MiFi anywhere within our coverage area. With battery strength that lasts over 5 hours, you are guaranteed to connect with friends and family throughout that day.

Cheaper Calls

We all know how expensive it is when roaming and making international calls. Surfline’s 4G LTE allows you to make WhatsApp and data calls that are encapsulated in your unlimited plan, leading to affordable calls worldwide.

Unlimited Bundle

The last thing you want is running out of data in the middle of an important activity like a when you are on a video call to check on the family back at home, or just in at the climax of a great movie. No one love that. With the unlimited plan that comes with the rented device, you worry less about your data running out and focus more the fun activity that matters to you. An unlimited plan is unlimited freedom!

How to rent a device

Now that you are ready to rent your Surfline 4G LTE device during your short say in Ghana, simply visit to place your request now and stay connected to the rest of the world.

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