July 1, 2021
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One person, Small and medium-sized enterprises are engines of growth and job creation in developing countries, particularly in Ghana today. The sector’s poor access to finance, limits their potential contribution to the share of wallet of their favorite brands.

Surfline bridges the gap with the introduction of a hassle free way to make payment towards their monthly bundles, by choosing which time in the week to contribute towards that.

Surfline understands that most people rely on daily revenues to make a living, from the payment of their workers, operations, taxes and livelihoods. This offer allows them to add the data expense without waiting till end of month to do that. With this, you don’t have to worry if you can’t commit to outright payment for our monthly AlwaysOn or All Weather bundles which never expire.

The pay weekly bundle also allows students and employees who depend on weekly stipends and allowances, afford the great internet service that Surfline provides, without having to wait till the end of the month to make payment. The offer guarantees efficient, accessible and a smooth running of internet services that offers value for money.

Pay Weekly bundle is available on all Surfline’s Selfcare platform as well as*718*77# for purchase.

About Surfline Communications

Founded in 2011, Surfline Communications, Ghana’s leading 4GLTEprovider, leads in4GLTE services for homes and businesses. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to make people and businesses efficient and productive.

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