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July 2, 2019
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As a data user, it can be sometimes frustrating when you run out of data in the middle of a session. Just imagine you spotted an intruder in your home on your security camera while away at work and your internet runs out in the middle of the discovery, you’re sure not going to be comfortable with that, or you are just about to propose to them during a face time call then you run out of data. These scenarios are real in our everyday lives and even worse when you don’t have cash at that moment. At Surfline, we found a way to stretch a hand to help you complete everything you’re doing online.  

What about rewarding you with FREE data on our network? We’ve just launched the Surfline Extra Time Offer which gives you 1GB free sponsored data to complete your online activity and get you back online whenever you run out of your main data. This is NOT borrowed data which will be deducted from your next recharge.  Rather, it is free data just for you to finish up what you started.

The Extra Time Offer is available to all subscribers on our Surfplus (All weather) bundle package who purchased any of the bundles with 30 days or more validity.  

How does it work?

Upon exhaustion of your qualifying bundle, you will receive an SMS notifying you of your qualification to enjoy 1GB FREE Extra Time data.

The Extra Time SMS notification will contain the following;

  •  A unique authentication PIN code which would be used to redeem your free 1GB data.
  • You will have to dial *718*77# on your mobile device and enter your unique authentication PIN code to redeem the free 1GB data.
  • The unique authentication PIN code is valid for 3 hours.

Terms and Conditions


  • The offer will only be available for Surfline customers on the Surfplus (All weather)bundle plan.
  • Only customers who purchase the 30 days and above validity bundles are eligible.
  • Customers on the “SURF bundles” (old offer) will need to purchase a qualifying Surfplus bundle to migrate in order to enjoy the offer. Once migrated, all rights and benefits

under the SURF bundle are extinguished.

  • Customers on the business service class are exempted from the offer.
  • Customers on unlimited day and night bundle will not qualify for the extra time bundle.
  • Also,customers on Unlimited Night bundles do not qualify for the offer.

Steps to Redeem

  • At 90%threshold of the main bundle an SMS message will be triggered to notify customer of his/her eligibility to claim the Extra Time Bundle once the data is exhausted.
  • At 100%data exhaustion notification with Extra Time One Time Password will be sent to the customer.
  • OTP is valid for 3 hours, after which it can no longer be used
  • Customers can redeem the 1GB Extra Time bundle by entering OTP through *718*77#.
  • On successful entry of OTP, customer will be credited with 1GB Extra Time bundle.A notification will be sent to confirm.



  • Once you accept to redeem your 1GB sponsored offer, you will see advertisement from the sponsor via the sent SMS notification.
  • On successful redemption of the Extra Time bundle, an SMS confirming the allocation will be sent to you. If the 1GB is sponsored, the message will capture the sponsor’s message.
  • You are entitled to one allocation per active bundle that gets exhausted.


  • The free 1GB will be in a separate account and be valid for 5 hours.
  • The free 1GB will have first priority in charging
  • Bundle cannot be rolled over
  • Bundle cannot be shared.

Now, this is real value on a true 4G LTE network that does not seesaw. Go on; make sure you enjoy your 1GB free data whenever you exhaust your main data bundle on Surfline.


Surfline…..it’s about time!

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