5 easy ways to boost internet speed on your mobile device

September 20, 2017
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Let’s face it, slow internet speed sucks and negatively affects productivity. It is embarrassing and frustrating to be watching a video with friends and family, uploading or downloading files for your boss, engaged in video conference with your business partners just to be faced with buffering, voice delays and audio echoes simply because your internet speed is slow. Whiles your internet service provider may be responsible for this, checking your phone and doing some simple troubleshooting here and there will greatly improve your internet speed.

We bring you tips on how best you can troubleshoot or fix the issue of slow internet speed on your phone

Use Surfline 4G LTE service

There is no doubt that the quality of your network greatly determines the speed you will enjoy. Your internet may be slow because you are on a plan or a network that provides you with slow internet speed. Move to Surfline, Ghana’s preferred 4G LTE internet service provider to enjoy the limitless possibilities of a true 4G internet service. Surfline, Ghana’s premier 4G LTE service provider, has deployed almost 300 cell sites (Africa’s largest single LTE deployment) in Accra, Tema and Takoradi. Surfline gives your reliable and super-fast 4G LTE internet service at an affordable price coupled with high level of unmatched customer experience. Contact us on 0302745777 or chat us via facebook on how to become part of the Surfline family.

Check network settings

Slow internet speed could be as a result of the internet network you have activated on your mobile device. The speed associated with Edge, 3G, 3.5G and 4G LTE differs and if you are having consistent slow speed of your internet, then you may have to consider checking your settings. To do this, go to your phone’s Settings and find Mobile Network Settings and select the highest connection speed (the name of the menu may vary from device to device). If you are on Surfline, you will enjoy the super-fast speed of our 4G LTE service.

Uninstall unused app

If there are apps on your phone that you barely use, this is the time for you to uninstall such apps to be able to enhance the internet speed on your mobile device. Some of these apps use data as they run in the background. Go to the Apps menu on your phone, locate the app and select Uninstall or Delete Apps to totally delete an app from your phone.  

Use a fast web browser

There are many web browsers out there but there are some browsers that are fast on mobile and gives you the best experience in terms of speed. Browsers such as Opera Mini, Chrome and Firefox are some of the fast mobile web browsers you can use if you want to experience fast internet on your mobile device.

Clear cache on your browser periodically

Periodically clearing cache from your browser may increase the internet speed on your mobile device. When web pages are saved on your phone, it eats up your phone’s resources and consequently slows your internet speed. Clearing them up will resolve this challenge. To do this, go to browser’s settings and select clear cache.

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