5 Benefits of Surfline 10 for 10 bundle that you probably don’t know about

November 10, 2017
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Imagine if you could pay less for more data in a day.

How great would it be for you to spend your Sunday calling your friends to come over whiles you stream that live football match involving your favorite team, turning your living room into a cinema where you and your sweetheart watch that favorite movie over popcorn or giving your little ones a Sunday treat by letting them watch their favorite cartoons online?

It sounds great, right? Don’t worry, Surfline got you covered with our Sunday 10For10 Offer. With just GHc10 you can activate 10GB data to do all that you can on the internet. The good news is that you can activate it this very Sunday.

What can I use Surfline 10For10 bundle for?

Learn New skills online/ Take an online course

With Surfline 10GBForGHc10 you have no excuse not to take that online course you have been waiting for. Enough data is made available for you to complete your online courses. New skills ranging from Digital marketing, Public speaking, Photoshop and photography are among new skills that you can learn online.

Stream your favorite content

You have enough data to stream your Sunday football matches or to relax with the family whiles you watch that family movie online. Engage your kids by streaming their favorite cartoons and other kid learning videos for them. With Surfline’s super-fast 4G LTE service, you are assured of consistent speed and unmatched user experience.

Friends enjoying a stream of their favorite series

Update your Apps

You’ve been queuing the update of your Apps and that game due to the data needed to successfully complete them. Surfline 10For10 offer is the surest saver to get your Apps up to date. Activate with just GHc10 and be allocated with 10GB to do all your updates.

Video Call/Video Conferencing

It is exciting to video call your loved ones but embarrassing when your call ends abruptly due to you exhausting your data or if the quality of the video is undesirable. With Surfline 10For10 offer, you have enough data at affordable price to finish that conversation when you engage in video calls. Your WhatsApp calls, Snapchat and Facetime experience will be greatly improved with the power of Surfline 4G LTE service where your video calls don’t buffer or audio echoes or voice delays.

A pretty lady on video call with her loved ones

Download your files

Surfline 10For10 offer gives you the freedom to download those files that have been pending for download. With GHc10 for 10GB, downloading your files becomes cheaper and more favorable.

Now that you know what you can use our 10For10 bundle for, go ahead and activate it this Sunday and enjoy the limitless possibilities of Surfline 4G LTE service. Bundle is valid for 6 hours and can be activated only on Sundays. Dial *718*77# or purchase from any of our E-partner platforms. Call us on 0302745777 for any further enquiry.

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