Compensation Details

Compensation offer

  • Only 90-day active customers are eligible for the offer of 5GB data valid for 3 days.
  • Free 5GB data has the highest charging priority which means the free 5GB data would be charge first before the main data is charged
  • Data not used would expire after the validity period and can no longer be used
  • All customer segments are eligible for the offer

Loss Restoration

  • Validities of all customers with active bundle as at the time of the downtime by 3 days (including our bundle packages: Surf bundles, SURFplus, Unlimited, Video Pack and Unlimited packages) would be extended
  • Data for all customers who may have lost data as a result of inability to recharge their accounts due to the down time of the service would be restored
  • All customers who may have lost FDFL data and status due to incident would be restored

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