Start-up & Micro Business

Mind your business while we provide the connectivity you need


Start-ups and micro business should focus on increase market their reach, enabling flexible working for your employees and lightening fast decision-making. We have solutions that can help you reach and enhance engagement with your customers, keep your employees safe and productive wherever they are. Our digital tools and solutions can give your business an edge and help you move ahead.

Plans are most suited for:

Freelancers, start-ups and micro businesses with up to 10 employees


AlwaysOn bundles are designed to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you never run out of data. You enjoy a monthly quota and a daily quota. You never get cutoff when you hit your daily quota.

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AlwaysOn Group

AlwaysOn Group bundles are designed to keep your employees connected no matter where they are - at home or office. With data that never runs, productive and collaboration never ends.

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Monthly Bundles

Choose flexibility with no quotas. Enjoy the freedom to as high as you require and use as much as can whenever you choose. Bundles are valid for minimum 30 days and don't expire - all you buy remains yours always.

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Explore limitless possibilities with Business Unlimited plans. Power your business into growth with endless browsing and streaming capabilities all on your finger tips.

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