Surfline LTE

has arrived.

Ghana, we’ve started testing our 4G LTE network! You’re going to love our super-fast and reliable data that allows you to navigate the Internet, download music and stream videos with ease, but that’s just the beginning. Surfline LTE will enable us all to achieve more online than we ever thought possible.

  • Surfline 4G LTE

    You’ve heard about it, and you may have even surfed on it.  Seriously fast Internet speed with unlimited possibilities, that’s the power of 4G LTE. 4G LTE is the standard in next generation mobile communication technology allowing greater bandwidth and faster Internet connection speeds. Our 4G LTE network will provide you with super-fast and reliable Internet.

    Here are some of the benefits of 4G LTE:

    • Load websites faster;
    • Send and receive large documents with ease;
    • Download music and movies quickly;
    • Watch videos online with no wait time;
    • Use skype and video conferencing facilities with no interruption;
    • Upload photos to social media profiles instantly
    Surfline 4G
  • Talk and Text Without Voice

    Surfline’s data-centric 4G LTE network is designed to provide users with fast and reliable Internet. This type of coverage will transform how you connect with friends, family and colleagues. With 4G LTE you’ll finally be able to fully utilize communication applications like BBM, Whatsapp, Skype, Tango and Viber.

    With these applications you will enjoy talking and texting on any device because of the stable speeds provided by 4G LTE!

  • Surfline 3G vs 4G data


Surfline Communications Limited is a Ghanaian-owned private company, established in 2011. The primary goal of Surfline is to provide premium quality wireless broadband connectivity and related services to the Ghanaian market. We are committed to providing Ghanaians with a super-fast and reliable Internet experience as well as relevant value added services and data solutions.

Surfline will launch its revolutionary 4G LTE network in 2014 to meet the emergent and largely unfulfilled data needs of Ghana’s businesses, government agencies, professional communities and residential users.

At Surfline, our desire is to please our customers and to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We promise to always put the customer first. Our customers can trust us to bring them the best because they deserve the best!

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Surfline Head Office

21 Aviation Road

Airport Residential Area

Accra, Ghana


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